The animation shows a motion of a small (diameter about 20 meters) Aten-type asteroid 2003 UT55 (minor planet arrowed), discovered by the KLENOT Project of the Klet Observatory on 2003 Oct. 26.
Animation was made using four 4-sec exposures taken with 1.06-m KLENOT Telescope + CCD camera Photometrics S300 of the Klet' Observatory.
The field of view is 10 to 7 arcminutes with north to the top and west to the right.
Observers Jana Ticha, Milos Tichy and Michal Kocer.

Images of Aten-type asteroid 2003 UT55 discovered by the KLENOT Project of the Klet' Observatory on 2003 October 26.
The object passed 0.0074 AU (1.1 mil. kilometers) from the Earth on Oct. 27.3 UT.