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[more] (21602)   Ialmenus = 1998 YW1
Discovered 1998 December 17 by M. Tichý and Z. Moravec at Kle
Ialmenus was one of the Achaean leaders and one of those who entered Troy in the ...  [more]
[more] (91007)   Ianfleming = 1998 BL30
Discovered 1998 January 30 by J. Tichá and M. Tichý at Kle
Ian Lancaster Fleming (1908-1964) was a British writer and journalist. Fleming is best remembered for creating ...  [more]
[more] (35269)   Idefix = 1996 QC1
Discovered 1996 August 21 by J. Tichá and M. Tichý at Kle
Idefix, also known as Dogmatix, is small white dog belonging to Obelix in the cartoon series ...  [more]
[more] (09665)   Inastronoviny = 1996 LA
Discovered 1996 June 5 by Kle at Kle
IAN, or Instantní astronomické noviny, is a Czech Internet Astronomical Newspaper founded by Jiří Dušek ...  [more]
[more] (02365)   Interkosmos = 1980 YQ
Discovered 1980 December 30 by Z. Vávrová at Kle
Named for the eastern European organization for space exploration. ...  [more]
[more] (29668)   Ipf = 1998 XO
Discovered 1998 December 9 by M. Tichý at Kle
Ipf is a mostly treeless mountain in the southwest of the Ries impact crater in Baden-W¨urttemberg, ...  [more]
[more] (06825)   Irvine = 1988 TJ2
Discovered 1988 October 4 by A. Mrkos at Kle
The British mountaineer Andrew Irvine (1901-1924) was George Mallory's partner for a final bid for the ...  [more]
[more] (08573)   Ivanka = 1996 VQ
Discovered 1996 November 4 by Z. Moravec at Kle
Named for Ivanka Moravcová (b. 1943), the discoverer's mother. ...  [more]
[more] (29738)   Ivobudil = 1999 BT8
Discovered 1999 January 23 by J. Tichá and M. Tichý at Kle
Ivo Budil (b. 1933), Czech journalist and popularizer of science, including astronomy, is known as ...  [more]
[more] (126780)   Ivovasiljev = 2002 EP7
Discovered 2002 March 10 by KLENOT at Kle
Ivo Vasiljev (b. 1935) is a Czech linguist, translator, teacher and orientalist dealing with the ...  [more]
[more] (58664)   IYAMMIX = 1997 YA1
Discovered 1997 December 21 by J. Tichá and M. Tichý at Kle
The International Year of Astronomy (IYA 2009) is a global effort initiated by the IAU and ...  [more]


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