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[more] (06542)   Jacquescousteau = 1985 CH1
Discovered 1985 February 15 by A. Mrkos at Kle
Jacques Yves Cousteau (1910-1997) was a French marine explorer, author and documentary filmmaker. The name ...  [more]
[more] (09007)   James Bond = 1983 TE1
Discovered 1983 October 5 by A. Mrkos at Kle
Named for British Secret Service agent James Bond (007), the creation of novelist Ian Fleming, ...  [more]
[more] (58424)   Jamesdunlop = 1996 DL1
Discovered 1996 February 22 by M. Tichý and Z. Moravec at Kle
James Dunlop (1793-1848) was an early figure of Australian astronomy. He made several noteworthy discoveries and ...  [more]
[more] (08556)   Jana = 1995 NB
Discovered 1995 July 7 by Z. Moravec at Kle
Named in honor of Jana Moravcová, wife of the discoverer, on the occasion of her thirtieth ...  [more]
[more] (20187)   Janapittichová = 1997 AN17
Discovered 1997 January 14 by Tichy and Moravec at Kle
Slovak-born Jana Pittichová (b. 1972) is an astronomer at the University of Hawaii. She has studied ...  [more]
[more] (37736)   Jandl = 1996 VU6
Discovered 1996 November 15 by J. Tichá and M. Tichý at Kle
Czech child actor Ivan Jandl (1937-1987) appeared in the film The Search as a Czech ...  [more]
[more] (07175)   Janegoodall = 1988 TN2
Discovered 1988 October 11 by Z. Vávrová at Kle
Jane Morris Goodall (b. 1934) is an English primatologist, ethologist, antropologist and UN Messenger of ...  [more]
[more] (31109)   Janpalouš = 1997 PL4
Discovered 1997 August 14 by M. Tichý and Z. Moravec at Kle
Jan Palouš (b. 1949) supervises dynamical studies of galaxies in the Astronomical Institute of the ...  [more]
[more] (20164)   Janzajíc = 1996 VJ2
Discovered 1996 November 9 by J. Tichá and M. Tichý at Kle
Jan Zajíc (1950-1969) was a Czech student who burned himself to death on 1969 Feb. ...  [more]
[more] (07796)   Járacimrman = 1996 BG
Discovered 1996 January 16 by Z. Moravec at Kle
Named for Jára Cimrman, a fictitious Czech genius. An analogue to Leonardo da Vinci, he ...  [more]
[more] (04023)   Jarník = 1981 UN
Discovered 1981 October 25 by L. Brožek at Kle
Named in memory of Vojtěch Jarník (1897-1970), Czech mathematician and professor at the Charles University ...  [more]
[more] (05250)   Jas = 1984 QF
Discovered 1984 August 21 by A. Mrkos at Kle
The Czech word for brightness, Jas symbolizes the South Bohemian Astronomical Society, known in Czech ...  [more]
[more] (04114)   Jasnorzewska = 1982 QB1
Discovered 1982 August 19 by Z. Vávrová at Kle
Named in memory of Maria Jasnorzewska-Pawlikowska (1910-1945), important Polish poet. ...  [more]
[more] (63163)   Jerusalem = 2000 YR11
Discovered 2000 December 23 by M. Kočer at Kle
Jerusalem is an ancient Middle Eastern city. Its unique position among cities of the world ...  [more]
[more] (11830)   Jessenius = 1984 JE
Discovered 1984 May 2 by A. Mrkos at Kle
Ján Jesenský (Jessenius, 1566-1621) was a physician, head of Prague university beginning in 1618 and Tycho ...  [more]
[more] (06758)   Jesseowens = 1980 GL
Discovered 1980 April 13 by A. Mrkos at Kle
Named in memory of the American athlete James Cleveland (Jesse) Owens (1913-1980), one of the ...  [more]
[more] (10577)   Jihčesmuzeum = 1995 JC
Discovered 1995 May 2 by M. Tichý at Kle
Jihočeské muzeum (The South Bohemian Museum) was established in České Budějovice in 1877. It is ...  [more]
[more] (03515)   Jindra = 1982 UH2
Discovered 1982 October 16 by Z. Vávrová at Kle
Named in honor of Lumír Jindra (b. 1936), an old friend of the discoverer, for ...  [more]
[more] (11141)   Jindrawalter = 1997 AX14
Discovered 1997 January 12 by J. Tichá and M. Tichý at Kle
Jindřich Walter (b. 1941) is the head of the Optical Facility of the Faculty of ...  [more]
[more] (21873)   Jindřichůvhradec = 1999 UU3
Discovered 1999 October 29 by J. Tichá and M. Tichý at Kle
Jindřichův Hradec is the pleasant south Bohemian town founded in the thirteenth century, known for ...  [more]
[more] (17694)   Jiránek = 1997 ET1
Discovered 1997 March 4 by M. Tichý and Z. Moravec at Kle
Vladimír Jiránek (b. 1938) is a Czech graphic artist, illustrator and cartoonist. His newspaper and ...  [more]
[more] (190333)   Jirous = 1998 SX14
Discovered 1998 September 23 by M. Tichý at Kle
Ivan Martin Jirous (1944-2011) (known as Magor) was a poet, art historian, frontman of the rock ...  [more]
[more] (250374)   Jírovec = 2003 UL4
Discovered 2003 October 17 by KLENOT at Kle
Vojtěch MatyᚠJírovec (1763–1850), also known as Adalbert Gyrowetz, was a Bohemian composer born in České ...  [more]
[more] (133077)   Jirsík = 2003 JZ10
Discovered 2003 May 4 by J. Tichá and M. Tichý (KLENOT) at Kle
Jan Valerián Jirsík (1798–1883) was as Czech theologian, priest, writer and national revivalist. He served as ...  [more]
[more] (03395)   Jitka = 1985 UN
Discovered 1985 October 20 by A. Mrkos at Kle
Named in honor of Jitka Beneš in recognition of her assistance at Kle during the ...  [more]
[more] (04698)   Jizera = 1986 RO1
Discovered 1986 September 4 by A. Mrkos at Kle
Named for a Czech river rising in the Jizerské hory mountains and continuing through the towns ...  [more]
[more] (21257)   Jižní Čechy = 1996 DS2
Discovered 1996 February 26 by Kle at Kle
Jižní Čechy (South Bohemia) is a region of the Czech Republic known for its pleasant ...  [more]
[more] (213771)   Johndee = 2003 DE13
Discovered 2003 February 27 by KLENOT at Kle
John Dee (1527–1608), English mathematician, astronomer, navigation expert, the author of Mathematical Preface to Euclid’s Elements, ...  [more]
[more] (16083)   Jorvik = 1999 TH12
Discovered 1999 October 12 by J. Tichá and M. Tichý at Kle
Jorvik was the name of the ninth-century Viking settlement that preceded the modern York in northeastern ...  [more]
[more] (05418)   Joyce = 1981 QG1
Discovered 1981 August 29 by A. Mrkos at Kle
Named in memory of James Joyce (1882-1941), Irish novelist, noted for his experimental use of language ...  [more]
[more] (17611)   Jožkakubík = 1995 UP2
Discovered 1995 October 24 by J. Tichá and M. Tichý at Kle
Jožka Kubík III (1907-1978) was a gypsy musician and first violinist of a folk band. ...  [more]


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