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[more] (175017)   Záboří = 2004 FW18
Discovered 2004 March 28 by KLENOT at Kle
The village of Záboří, first mentioned in 1263, is known for its traditional South Bohemian Rustic ...  [more]
[more] (03834)   Zappafrank = 1980 JE
Discovered 1980 May 11 by L. Brožek at Kle
Named in memory of Frank Zappa (1940-1993), rock musician and composer of innovative contemporary symphonic, ...  [more]
[more] (05910)   Zátopek = 1989 WH4
Discovered 1989 November 29 by A. Mrkos at Kle
Named in honor of the great Czechoslovak long-distance runner, Emil Zátopek (b. 1922). In a ...  [more]
[more] (07440)   Závist = 1995 EA
Discovered 1995 March 1 by M. Tichý at Kle
Named for the site of the most important ancient Celtic town in Bohemia. Situated south ...  [more]
[more] (03827)   Zdeněkhorský = 1986 VU
Discovered 1986 November 3 by A. Mrkos at Kle
Named in memory of Zdeněk Horský (1929-1988), outstanding Czech historian of medieval and renaissance astronomy ...  [more]
[more] (20364)   Zdeněkmiler = 1998 KC5
Discovered 1998 May 20 by M. Tichý and Z. Moravec at Kle
Czech film-maker and illustrator Zdeněk Miler (b. 1921), known for his cartoons and books for children, ...  [more]
[more] (03364)   Zdenka = 1984 GF
Discovered 1984 April 5 by A. Mrkos at Kle
Named in honor of Zdenka Vávrová for her 20 devoted years in the astrometric program ...  [more]
[more] (29477)   Zdíkšíma = 1997 UE15
Discovered 1997 October 31 by J. Tichá and M. Tichý at Kle
Zdislav Šíma (b. 1947), is a Prague astronomer who works on the problems of gravitational fields ...  [more]
[more] (05275)   Zdislava = 1986 UU
Discovered 1986 October 28 by Z. Vávrová at Kle
Named for Saint Zdislava (c. 1220-1252), a noblewoman who devoted her life to performing charity ...  [more]
[more] (09224)   Železný = 1996 AE
Discovered 1996 January 10 by M. Tichý and Z. Moravec at Kle
Jan Železný (b. 1966), Czech javelin-thrower, the world record holder (98.48 meters), won Olympic silver for ...  [more]
[more] (230648)   Zikmund = 2003 SL15
Discovered 2003 September 17 by KLENOT at Kle
Zikmund Lucemburský or Sigismund of Luxembourg (1368–1437), son of Charles IV, became the Holy Roman Emperor, ...  [more]
[more] (16742)   Zink = 1996 ON
Discovered 1996 July 21 by J. Tichá and M. Tichý at Kle
Johann Josef Zink (1842–1920) was a publisher who issued postcards and guides in South Bohemia. Interested ...  [more]
[more] (04408)   Zlatá Koruna = 1988 TH2
Discovered 1988 October 4 by A. Mrkos at Kle
Named for a Gothic monastery and a village in southern Bohemia east of Kle Mountain. ...  [more]
[more] (07701)   Zrzavý = 1990 TX8
Discovered 1990 October 14 by A. Mrkos at Kle
Jan Zrzavý (1890-1977) was a Czech painter, graphic artist and illustrator, known for imaginary lyric landscapes ...  [more]
[more] (12406)   Zvíkov = 1995 SZ1
Discovered 1995 September 25 by M. Tichý and Z. Moravec at Kle
The Zvíkov castle was built by the Přemyslids dynasty above the confluence of the Vltava ...  [more]


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