(11134) České Budějovice = 1996 XO2  (\v{C}esk\'e Bud\v{e}jovice in TeX)
Discovered 1996 December 4 by M. Tichý and Z. Moravec at Kleť.
 České Budějovic is the historic, cultural, educational, industrial and administrative center of south Bohemia. Originally known as Budiwoyz or Budoywiz, the German form of which is Budweis, the city is famous for its beer. There is an observatory in the city, and the Kleť Observatory is situated on nearby Kleť mountain.
 (MPC 36950 | 1999 November 23)

České Budějovice<BR>
<I>Photo: Michal Tůma</i>České Budějovice
Photo: Michal Tůma

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