(7645) Pons = 1989 AC2
Discovered 1989 January 4 by A. Mrkos at Kle.
 Named in memory of Jean-Luis Pons (1761-1831), whose name appears on 26 different comets and who claimed to discover as many as 37. Initially hired as the doorkeeper of the Marseilles Observatory, he soon showed his proficiency for both constructing and using telescopes, and at the end of his career he was directing observatories in Tuscany. He discovered comet 2P/Encke in both 1805 and 1818, and although it is named for the person who recognized this and other apparitions of it as being one and the same body, Encke himself always referred to it as "Pons' comet". Name suggested by J. Tichá, citation prepared by B. G. Marsden.
 (MPC 31611 | 1998 April 11)


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